Four Squared Film Program, Inc. will be used as a medium to expose students to a creative outlet. Throughout the program the students will be educated on the fundamental elements of filmmaking: Development, Pre-production, Production and Post Production. These four areas will cover screenwriting, producing, shooting and editing. The biggest advantage of the program is to offer students a fun, positive creative space to enter after a school day. 

Understanding that solely one individual does not create a film, the students will learn how to effectively contribute to a team, think strategically and be creative. 

The Four Squared Film Program is a great opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to accomplish goals in any field they aspire to be in, empowering their voices, creating their visions and dreams. The program will help students become productive powerful thinkers, whom are responsible systematic individuals that can work independently yet be sociable positive team players. 







Four Squared Film Program, Inc. is a non profit organization founded by Alexis Grier. After attending film school in Los Angeles, CA and working on numerous film production sets, Alexis decided to share her knowledge with at-risk youth. She began developing an after school film program for students ages 13-18 to keep them off the streets.  Alexis desired to reach a community who needed a program like Four Squared Film. Mount Vernon, NY was at the top of her list. September 3, 2013 Alexis opened her doors to the youth of Mount Vernon. Four Squared Film Program resides at The Doles Community Center.


Raised around a family of entertainers Alexis found her love in the Entertainment Industry. As a young adult she decided to pursue it by moving to Atlanta, Georgia attending a liberal arts college, Oglethorpe University. Majoring in Communication and Rhetoric/Studio Art with a concentration in video production.


While attending Oglethorpe University, she took video production classes, which gave her valuable hands-on experience in filmmaking. Alexis obtained an extremely good education in the basics of production along with the central emphasis of learning to think visually. Thinking visually certainly came into practice when she began working on independent films. Production classes enhanced her ability to write, produce, direct and edit. She has taken these abilities and applied them to her Screenwriting certificate program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has carried them over to the Los Angeles Film School where her work in production asserted excellence in the rigorous immersion program.


Her work includes serving as a Producer for Hezues R (Director) on Wyclef Jean's "April Showers" Music Video, Production Coordinator for Dawn Higginbotham (Producer) on a 5hr Energy Drink Commercial and a TV Series, Are You Kidding Me? Directed by Renee O’ Connor. She has worked as a Production Assistant on MTV My Super Sweet 16 and BET Hop Hop Awards.


While interning for Producer/Director, Jerry Zucker, her responsibilities included production coordination, reading scripts, providing extensive coverage and assisting with casting, talent and releases.